Barbara Selkirk Qualified ACMA and ACIS   Accountant   offers  IT  expert proactive  accountancy  services  to   new  or  ongoing  small  businesses, sole traders, clubs  and small limited companies. 


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Bookkeeping Services

Keeping records can be a very time consuming business especially if you do not set up a basic method to capture the data before you start.. A good way of improving time management is to release the burden by delegating the task to BSW Accountancy Services.

Hate Chasing customers for payment?

Let BSW Accountancy Services handle your Credit Control to made sure your cash flows in as fast as possible.

What records should I keep?

It is important to keep in order any information and documents that you may need to help you fill in your tax return or to make a claim.

Most of the time, you'll be looking at records for the current or previous year. But sometimes you'll need to go back a bit further. For example, you may need to work out your profit or loss on the sale of something you've owned for a long time (such as a vehicle, or special tools). At the very least you may need a record of the amount you originally paid for that asset. There are other times, too, when you will need to refer to old records.

It's also helpful to keep information you get from

  • your employer, if you have - or had - one, about your pay (including bonuses) and tax deducted, benefits in kind, expenses payments, and any share scheme arrangements
  • the Benefits Agency about your state pension or other taxable Social Security benefits
  • banks and building societies about the interest on your account(s).

The exact records you need to keep will depend on the types of income or gains, tax deductible expenses, personal allowances, other deductions and relief’s you put on your tax return or claim.  Whatever records you keep, they should be good enough for you to fill in your tax return or claim accurately.

What happens if I don't keep proper records?

HMRC want you to pay only as much tax as you owe. However, if you can't show sufficient evidence of your income and outgoings, you could end up paying more tax than you should. If you do not maintain good records, you might not be able to render your VAT return on time and this can result in a surcharge

BSW Accountancy Services can offer a service that provides you with the management information that the most up to date software can provide and liberate some of your most valuable resource, time.  We can advise which will be the most suitable system to use and we can provide training to staff if you decide you want to keep the process in house.


















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